Gpu problem or psu?

Hi there,i have a problem my pc freezes/crashes when my gpu goes like 63-65c when i run furmark or msi kombustor i asked already some guys in another forum they state its a psu problem so what's your thought on this?
Note the pc shows no input the sound(if there is any sound playing)crashes then my keyboard/mouse still show their light indicators but i cant do anything i am forced to shutdown(5sec power button). This happens always at 63-65 celsius of my gpu.

my rig
CPU:i5 2500(no k)3.55 ghz || GPU:Gtx 550ti GDDR3 3gb || Motherboard:Gigabyte Z77M-d3h || PSU : Premier 550w
Ram: Corsair XMS3 2x2gb(4gb)1333mhz || SSD: Samsung 830 Series 128gb(Boot) || HDD: WD 7200rpm 750gb Blue
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  1. What kind of PSU do you have exactly? I don't know what "Premier" is.
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    I have never heard of "Premier" as a PSU brand. It sounds a lot like a generic, which may be good for only half of what is on its label. Try to draw more, and it wanders out of spec, crashing your system. It could potentially be causing cumulative damage as well. GPU temps of 65C are low, especially when benchmarking. This looks like a PSU problem. A quality 450W PSU is a comfortably sufficient amount for this system.
  3. It's a noname psu this is it. I am preety sure its the psu but i don't wanna spend money without solving the problem thats why i ask :) i am about to buy an xfx core 550w pro
  4. The XFX is a Seasonic-built unit and would be an excellent choice.
  5. As i see all points to Psu problem and the majority of the tech gurus tell me this too so yeah i will go for the xfx psu. Thanks :)
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