pc is not starting

I cant turn on my pc :< ,I can see two options 'Start windows repair[Recomended' and 'Launch windows normally' ,when i click the first one it says 'loading windows files ' and then a blue screen of some errors comes.When i click 2nd option,'Starting windows' comes and then pc restarts .I tried running the pc in safe mod but its not working .Even i cant install new window.
When i start a new windows setup ,The window setup starts 'Windows is loading files 'But it is stucked on 'Starting Windows'
Tried another setup too but this time issue is different,after'Windows is loading files' the blue screen comes
I cant even use Safe Mode .
This is in written at the top ofthe blue screen
STOP: 0x0000000A [at the end]
Help needed
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  1. Hi tino9090!

    Could be your hdd. Do you have a spare hdd you can test with?
  2. Has anything changed in your BIOS. This can happen when you change the SATA operating mode (assuming your using SATA drives) from AHCI to ATA and vice versa.
  3. i have 2 pcs so i removed the pc hdd from it and put the other one pc's hdd .Then i recovered system by windows recovery .And removed all ram and other things .Then i put the original hdd ,and this time i was able to install windows in it.So i did and now pc is fine
    Thank you guys.
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