My laptop cannot detect any wifis

I have a toshiba satellite c640 psc2sl laptop. tried to update my wireless adapter ytd and the results were... unsatisfying. So the problem is the adapter cannot detect any wifi at all, even when im right next to one...

I've tried system restore and reinstalling the driver but it doesnt help, the problem is still there...

So can someone help me solve this problem??? it is very important because at school I need internet access, and they only offer wifi...
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  1. First, make sure the WiFi adapter is turned on. Download and install not only the drivers, but also the utilities for that make/model from Toshiba's website. If applicable, use these utilities to find and connect to wireless networks.
  2. ^As he said, make sure the adapter is actually turned on. There is probably a Fn+Function Key combination that turns it on and off. The symbol above it likely looks like a radio tower.
  3. the adapter is turned on but still cant detect any wifi signal...

    can you link me the site to download the drivers?

    thanks in advance
  4. I fixed it...

    the wlan service wasnt running

    startup menu > services > WLAN AutoConfig > right click on it > properties > startup type = automatic > click ok > at the left side box > click start this service > done.

    Yay for myself (V)
  5. Cool beans!
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