boost intel HD 3000 on Laptop

Hello everyone

this is my question , i recently bought a laptop with an intel i3 2330m(2.20 ghz) 4GB RAM ddr3

it came with an intel graphics HD 3000

so i watched youtube videos and i saw that the core of the HD3000 reaches , for example, 1.2 ghz. When the stock clock is 600 mhz

¿ how can i reach that speed?

please help me

PD i use windows XP SP 3
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  1. Just be happy with what you have, chances are it autimatically will boost the clock if its sopoused to. If not overclocking your gpu at all in a laptop will cause temperatures to rise alot and probably kill your laptop. Why are you using windows xp?
  2. Hate to be the bear of bad tidings, But sorry charilie (reference tunafish) you have no control over the clock speed in a laptop. In essecense you got (and live with, what you bought.
    Laptop manuf use a Limited (locked) bios and do NOT allow the user the freedom of changing things like clock speed, cpu multiplier, memory speed/timings.

    firo40 - His GPU is a iGPU contained in the same die as the CPU, To overclock the GPU he has to also overclock the CPU (don't think there is a OC software (ie Like AMD CCC) for intel internal iGPUs - But I've been known to be wrong - LOLs
  3. There should be an "auto boost" option on the BIOS of any intel board, if there isn't don't try secondary ways. as firo40 said it can kill your laptop.
  4. Thanks to all of you

    firo40 : i am using XP because with that OS the HD 3000 recognizes 256VRAM , but are you sure that it increases automatically or i have to make some config?
    (yes , i know it is shared with the RAM, but i helps me a lot)

    RetiredChief : it would be nice to find out if there is an OC soft, but believe me that topic is just curiosity, before apllying OC to a Laptop i shoot myself
    but insist that it would be great to know if there is one

    pokerapar88 : What is an auto boost , i mean, i am asking because as you said i found it in the BIOS
  5. Dosnt matter what os you use the hd3000 will have the same amount of vram allocated to it. The bios depicts how much vram is allocated to the integrated graphics chipset
  6. that is fine to me, so to solve this problem i will apply the auto boost or turbo boost ( just in case that the core doesn´t increase by itself)

    and the VRAM i will leave it that way (256mb) which is enough for me because i play all the games in low quality

    do you think is that ok? if it is i will mark the topic as solved
  7. Yup. have you done it? didi you get better fps?
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