Query about 4-pin molex cable to handle case fans

Hi there,

My case has the following fans connected at the moment directly to the motherboard:
1 x 120 mm rear TwoCool™ fan (3-PIN)
1 x 140 mm top TwoCool™ fan (3-PIN)

However the motherboard has 2 fan connectors that are 4-pin.

My PSU has 4-Peripheral connector cables. I googled this and apparently it is same as a 4-pin molex apparently. Am i correct?

Now I intend to purchase the following fans:
2 x 120 mm front intake fans
1 x 120 mm side intake fan
1 x 120 mm side exhaust fan behind motherboard

I am new to building PC's, I wanted to ask is an exhaust fan a type of fan or is it just a name for a standard case fan?

Secondly. where could i purchase an appropriate molex to 4-pin PWM fan connector cable to handle the above fans?

Now i would like to connect 2 of my 4-pin fans to the motherboard directly and connect rest of the fans to the fan connector(s) coming off the molex fan connector cable. Is this a good approach or not?

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Thanks & Regards,
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  1. Exhaust fan just means that the fan is channeling air from inside the case to outside the case. I'm pretty sure one molex cable will work. And do you really need that many fans? You have fans everywhere doing something different. You'll have terrible air flow.
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    If your case already has a rear fan and a top fan exhausting I would just buy the two 120mm fans for the front. You can place a side fan if you want but its really more for looks, you probably won't see any noticeable difference and I really don't think it's necessary to have a fan behind the motherboard. I have never seen a setup like that before.

    Just plug them in using the 4 pin molex from the power supply, I have tried powering fans on the motherboard but they never seem to work out, it's mainly for reporting features.
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