Upgrading mobo and CPU worth it?

I have searched the forums and found many mixed results. I originally had a dell xps 9100 about a year and a half old now. I ended up taking out the graphics card and PSU and replacing them, but I'm not getting close to the performance i would like to be getting in games like ArmA, Dirt 3, Ect on higher settings....Here are the specs now:

Sapphire Vapor-X 7970 GHz Edition 3 gb
9gb Tri Channel ram DDR3
Antec 750w gold certified PSU
i7 930 @ 2.8 GHz
what ever low performance dell mobo came with the XPS
1 TB seagate HDD
no ssd(will that help performance significantly if i add some?)

Essentially what i'm asking is if upgrading to the new Z87 ROG series boards and new Haswell CPU will really give me performance increases for the price. Should i just upgrade my mobo and OC my cpu. should i get SSD only to improve performance. I do plan on Over-clocking in the future and i do play games heavily and edit video here and there. What do you guys think, should I upgrade or tweak to help get better performance. My mobo does NOT support over-clocking ATM. Money isn't too much of an issue but I would prefer not to spend more than about 600$ if i need to upgrade at all. Also is my ram compatible with the new ROG mobos or no? Sorry for lots of questions i just would like to make sure im getting the most for my money.
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  1. its compatible but youd want to use 4 sticks or 2 not three on the new boards. And yes the performance will be extremely noticable coming from a 1st generation i7 to a 4th generation intell. Don't purchase a new I7 though its a waste of money its exactly the same as the I5 for performance. When you purchased the I7 1st gen the I5's back then were only dual cores with 4 threads. Now the I5's are quad cores same as the I7's no game uses multithreading making the I7 useless for gaming, its only usefull for video rendering and high multithreaded apps
  2. Thanks for the reply. So I should get the i5 4730k instead and is the maximius vi hero a good z87 board for me ?
  3. Crysis 3 takes advantage of HT, and demanding games over the next year or so may do the same.

    A SSD is not going to get you more/better FPS, but it will cut your load times by incredible margins. I'd suggest throwing down $200 on a decent SSD, installing Windows and your favorite couple games on that, and giving it a try. Adding a SSD to a system is still the greatest performance gain anyone is going to see.

    Sure, you can upgrade to Haswell. It will probably get you 10-20fps, depending on your resolution. Just keep in mind that the only things you're going to carry over are your GPU, PSU, and maybe case. You're looking at a fresh build for the most part.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I planned on replacing alot of my stuff anyway but that ssd sounds like a good idea. But would it be better to get an i7 3770k or 4770k i am trying I future proof y system so I feel as I'd haswell would be worth it for the extra 40 bucks or so ,and back to te motherboards is the formula a good board for me or is there something else I should get such as the hero or the sniper
  5. If you have both options, go for Haswell. It's newer and performs marginally better. 3770k's are starting to pop up with some good discounts (got mine for $100 2 weeks ago) lately, and is a great "bang for the buck" thing.

    I assume you're speaking of the ASUS Formula board. It's a great board, and you will be pleased with it.
  6. Thanks alot ill probaly be getting the haswell and see if I can find any combo deals with a mono such as the formula or maybe the sabertooth
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