Upgrade from Phenom II x4 955 BE

Hi I built my comp around 2011 and have made very few changes to my build. I've only added more ram and added/replaced fans since. I'm a gamer and wanted to have a decent budget gaming computer but now I feel it's time for an upgrade. I was thinking of switching to intel but need some recommendations or opinions on what to get. Here are my specs:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
Radeon HD 5770
Acer G245HQ
800 wtt corsair(might be dying)

Let me know if I'm missing any information. Thanks!
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  1. honestly your cpu isnt great but your Gpu is the real bottleneck here. If you got something like a 7950 you would have a huge frame rate boost. The 5770 is really dated
  2. firo40 said:
    honestly your cpu isnt great but your Gpu is the real bottleneck here. If you got something like a 7950 you would have a huge frame rate boost. The 5770 is really dated

    Do I need to have my cpu oc'd to get that boost because I'm not comfortable with overclocking. How about a 7870/50
  3. What is your budget?

    A CPU upgrade is certainly in order, but like firo40 stated the GPU is the biggest bottleneck.
    Have you overclocked the CPU?
    A CPU upgrade will require a new mobo as that board will not take an FX CPU. So you do have the option to go Intel or go with newer AMD offerings.
    Knowing your budget would help us help you figure out the best course of action.
  4. What games are you playing alot of games dont need an oc phenom 2 x4 you should be fine in alot of games that way but the gpu is a huge bottleneck. A 7870 would be a huge boost even
  5. If you strictly went to a HD 7870XT, you would likely be fine to run most modern games on medium-ish settings. Your Phenom isn't bad...you could OC it well.

    If you want to upgrade...consider the FX line. You could go to the FX6350 for about $130 + $70 970 series MB and spend about $200-240 on a HD 7870XT and you'd be fine there...the rest of your components should swap over. A new PSU would run you about $80-100 to replace the one you have with something comparable.

    That would put your total system rebuild around $500 and get you a stellar new system.
  6. That CPU could handle another year of good Gaming. Just change the GPU.
  7. I'd say my budget is around 400. And I did try to oc once but was worried I did something wrong so I just reset. As for games I play League and been playing warframe. I played bioshock infinite and experienced lag here and there. I just want to future proof my system for when I play a game that demands a good system.
  8. My brother has the exact same cpu as you, he has a radeon 6870 gpu and can game just fine with it. Just upgrade the gpu to lets say a 7870 or 7850 and you should be just fine. The cpu will not bottleneck the gpu and you will have good fps for a budget system. Its the easiest solution. If you are worried about the cpu pick up a Phenom ii X6 1055t or something like that. Two extra cores to help in heavy workload and it has turbo so that helps and then you do not need to worry about overclocking. I have a phenom ii X6 setup and it works very well.
  9. Upgrade your graphics for now, and get new CPU and motherboard later on when you can afford to. That GPU is severely holding you back. There are guides on here, I believe, that can help you overclock that PhII. Honestly, the BE chips are not that difficult to clock. At the very least, you can bump the multiplier to make it match that of a PhII 965.
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