HELP! Can't get Windows 7 to boot after installing new motherboard/cpu

I just got my brand new Gigabyte motherboard and AMD Phenom II in the mail and was super excited to use them, I placed them in my computer, along with the old hard drive that has windows 7 on it, only to discover that Windows wouldn't boot, it would take me to startup repair and keep saying it fixed the problem then restarting then doing it all again. Someone told me that the os drivers would be for the old mobo so I need to do a clean install of Windows 7. Here's the issue, though, my old system came with Windows 7, no disc, but it has the serial key on the side. How am I to get Windows 7 onto my new system to where it will actually operate, am I going to have to spend another $100 on a new OS? Thanks.
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    Perfectly normal as Windows may not have the drivers to handle the boards components. As for reinstall, if you have a COA key on the side, take a look at my site for legal download of Windows 7, that you can use your key to activate. if it doesn't activate automatically, you will need to contact Microsoft on the freephone number and explain that you have replaced your motherboard due to a fault.
  2. Hi,

    You need to reinstall windows because new motherboard has different chipset.

    If you had a branded computer (acer, gateway, hp, and such) you will not be able to use the same windows anyway because the computer has changed to much (especially the mobo)

    If it's not branded, you can download windows iso legaly
  3. download Windows 7 SP1 ISO either burn to DVD or create a USB boot, run it select repair then select the option for "Fix a problem that is causing windows not to boot" or to that affect.

    or follow this guide
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