Need Help With New Haswell Homebuild

So today my new i5-4670 came in today along with my MSI Z87-G45 motherboard and i decided to get to building my pc. I have now installed everything into my case and hooked everything up but i cant seem to get a bios to show up on the screen, i currently have a vga cord hooked straight into my motherboard going to my monitor. Along with this, after my pc has turned on, it will stay on for about 3 minutes and then suddenly restart and then stay on permanently until i shut it off.
My build is:

Rosewill Challenger Case
8 gb Corsair Vengeance Ram
MSI z87-G45
Western Digital 500 gb hd (taken from an old dell)
EVGA 660 ti Superclocked
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  1. Your monitor should be connected to the GPU not the motherboard.
  2. With a gpu installed the gpu may be the first video output right now.
    For debugging I would power off your pc and remove the gpu and see if the bios screen pops up. If nothing changes check that the mb not grounded out and that you used the right power cords for the pci power plug. The blue and the six plus two cables are video power cables. There should be a four pin or two four pin or one eight pin black cable for power.
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