Vertical lines on pc screen? (Blue and red) Help needed!

I just got a custom pc and it's been working fine. I've only had this issue three times. I'm guessing it's my gpu. I'm not sure though. The first two incidents were red vertical lines on my screen and my system stopped responding. After i restarted everything seemed normal. The third one was a blue vertical lines on my screen and my system stopped responding. This happened a while ago. The firts two happened a last week but the problem disapeared until now. Here are my specs:

Intel Core i3 3210
ASUS P8Z77-M MicroATX Mobo
ASUS Radeon HD 7770 DirectCU
WD 500GB Caviar Blue
Silverstone Strider Essential 500watts
8GB 4x2 Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz
CM Storm Scout II

The first incident just happened out of the blue so i thought it was nothing. The second one, I was skyping and the third one, I left my pc on for 24hours and I was gaming in between those 24 hours and was also downloading PS2 and then it finally happened while I was just browsing. Here's the color order: Red, Red, Blue

If any of you could tell me what's causing the problem and how do i fix it, that would be great. Thanks!
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  1. That would be a gpu issue. If you can RMA your gpu to get it replaced
  2. My friend experienced this issue but after he restarts it, he gets a bsod. He just let a technician fix it and it didnt seem to be the gpu because he didnt replace it.
  3. has anyone found a fix for this yet?

    this occured on my asus vg236
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