Dying Card, Looking for Advice on Model/Brand

Hi. I think my graphics card (MSI 6970) is on its way out. I am getting the computer lock up/bricked screen/repeating sound clip combo. Here are my specs:

I was thinking of either a GTX 770 or 780. Thoughts? Recommendations on a brand? Thanks for the help.
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  1. I take it your looking at nvidia then? Of the two the 780 is the better card ( however its only 20% faster (at best, see link) and costs a ridiculous 60% more, I could not possibly recommend one to anyone at the current price point.

    770 I would recommend would be:

    Hope that helps.
  2. Ninja Pants said:
    I take it your looking at nvidia then?

    Not necessarily, but right now Nvidia cards are looking better for the money. ATI looks pretty far behind.

    My last two cards from them have been subpar, though that may have been the manufacturer more than anything else. This one is about a year and a half old.
  3. Bang for your buck I would still consider a 7970, similar price point, similar performance, the 7970 slightly more efficient but the 770 edges it in performance, just (a couple of percentage points at best).

    Consider the 7970 Ghz edition but I would probably punt for the 770 at the moment, slightly better performance and arguably more reliable drivers at present.
  4. Is there any reason I might want to pick the 780 over the 770? The 780 doesn't appear to have the performance edge in benchmarks that the 50% greater price warrants, but it's less of a ripoff than the TITAN and it's still affordable for me.
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    The 780 is no doubt the better card however only you can decide how much that extra performance is worth to you.

    Bang for your buck the 780 is not great value, in fact its pretty horrible $ per FPS wise, Titan does beat it there however.
  6. Alright, thanks.
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