hello guys a question regarding PSU calculation

i got this build
i5-3330 3.0 ghz
Asus P8B75-M LE
Corsair 4gb ddr3
hitachi 500tb

i tried this calculator would you guys recommend that i use this?or use another PSU calculator. but upon reading this on the website it said here that " The recommended power wattage figure is calculated based on the peak or maximum utilization power consumption of installed devices or components" so iam pretty sure that the "450W" is consumed power while running. correct me if iam wrong iam new to this.

thank you in advance brothers..
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  1. If you go to the system requirements tab on the HD7850, it says it requires at least a 500 watt or greater PSU when under load:

    According to intel your cpu can pull around 77 watts under load presuming you are not doing overclocking.
    That is a total of 577 watts from these components. I would recommend getting a 650 watt PSU. This will give extra watts to spare to drive the other components of your PC.
    Try this one:
  2. thanks for your fast answer and yes iam not overclocking. so i will get the 650psu. but i got another question because here in our place electricity is somewhat unstable at somepoint so iam planning to get a UPS or an AVR. should that be on par with the PSU or i can just take a 500-550w avr/ups?

    edit: forgot to ask,
    is FSP a good PSU also?
  3. The recommendations don't work that way. When AMD recommends at least a 500 watt psu for the 7850 it's for the whole system gpu, cpu drives, fan and mobo. They expect the gpu to use half the power(250W) and 250 for the rest of the system. Cpus and gpu use most of the power. Fans and drives don't use much power. More power never hurts except in $. FSP makes very good budget psu.
  4. @Goodeggray, in my understanding yes i think they recommend it that way but going back ill take all of your recommendations.
    and thanks for clearing out the FSP :)

    but going back my plan on this rig is just to run mid to high specs.
    no Xfire no OC <cpu, ram nor gpu>. ill just use it as it is.

    well then if 650 can be lowered down what could be the exact? or lets say the approx psu requirement. could it be around 500-550w?
    iam asking because i have FSP and an antec case. dont want to throw those out. :D
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    People confuse the "recommended" PSU wattage from GPU manufacturers. That is for total system wattage and errs on the safe side

    The PCI-E port supplies 75w for a GPU. The PCI-E 6 pin connector can supply an additional 75w. That's 150w for those keeping score. That is the only way the HD7850 gets power. It cannot consume more than 150w. It just can't.
  6. so would say take the FSP 550w?
  7. It would appear I stand corrected. Yay! learn something new all the time. Still, like Goodeggray said, more watts never hurt anything except one's wallet. Unless this is a super budget machine, I would still stick with like a 550-600 watt PSU. It will give you more room for expansion in the future. Also, the PSU will run quieter because it is not stuck at a high load constantly.
  8. that goes for us both bro. but I am really glad that it was sorted out. well going back iam thinking on getting 7850 - 7770 (because iam thinking of our electric bill also) anyways but yes 550-600 sounds like a plan. thanks for the quick reply brothers if i got any questions ill let you guys know.
    well also i do have another question about the UPS/AVR?.. should it be on par with the PSU?
  9. Yes, I think it would be a good idea to have a UPS on par with the PSU. Just better to be safe than sorry.
  10. Get a 7850 prices on them are falling and perform much better than the 7770. You may save $5 a year in power bill. Electricity is billed in 10 to 20 cents per kilo watt hour. The 7850 use about 100 watts more so it costs 1 to 2 cent more an hour.
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