recommend a PSU for my rig, please

This is what I need power for:

6 black Caviar HDs
560 GTX ti frozer twin GPU
generic dvd/burner
the CPU is Intel duo core 3.33
all enclosed in a 600T white case

had an Anthena 550 but with the 6 drives , and the power hungry GPU and the gaming.. I think it was underpowered.

Please dont say 1000 watt... I dont need nuclear power for this rig. SLI maybe in the far future.. if price of a 560 drops again.
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  1. A Silverstone Strider 600W should do, even with SLI.
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    I have a similar setup. I only have 2 hhd and one ssd and I have a i5 2500k, but same case and gpu. I use a Corsair HX750 because I may add a 2nd gpu. I think a high quality 650w psu would be fine, but Newegg has the Corsair Tx 750 for $70 after 20mir for a little more power or the HX650 for $80 after 25 mir for better quality and semi modular psu.
  3. Thanks, I printed out a list of ones to avoid... going shopping this afternoon. I just hate all the hype they put on the boxes, all I want is a lean mean efficient power supply. With good protection.
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