i5 3570k - Temps OK?

Hi everyone.

I have a recently built system (I actually paid a local shop to custom build it for me).

Specs are:
Core i5 3570k CPU (running at stock speeds)
Hyper 212 EVO cooler with included fan
2 8GB DIMMs of Corsair 1600 MHz RAM
ASUS Geforce GTX 660 TI Overclocked edition (2 GB GDDR5)
1 Intel 520 Series SSd 240 GB
1 ... random Seagate 1 TB HDD (don't remember model).
ASUS P8z77-v motherboard
1 front fan (intake), 1 top and 1 rear fan (exhaust for both).
Cooler Master 690 II USB3.0 Mid-tower

I think that about covers everything... if I missed some spec please let me know.

Anyways... I'm a bit concerned about the temperatures I'm getting running at stock speeds with an aftermarket cooler.

First of all, Core 1 and 2 always run 6 or more degrees warmer than Cores 0 and 3. This heat sink has now been installed 3 seperate times, and I am using Noctua NH-1 thermal compound which has received good ratings. It hasn't changed so I don't believe it is a problem with the heat sink installation/mounting.

My ambient temp is about 21 Celcius.

These are my idle temps:

When running Prime 95 with 4 threads, Large in-place IFT's, I get:


What do you all think?

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  1. You should only be concerned what temps you are getting at load. These low temps won't damage your cpu.

    65 aint bad at all. Your third core is usually the one with the higher temp, 1st and 2nd are usually the coolest.
  2. hmm i dunno. I have the haswell i5 4670k on stock cooling and run mid-high 20's at idle. right now im at 29c

    from what i know haswell runs hotter.. Maybe your air flow is restricted?
  3. Jake Anderson said:
    hmm i dunno. I have the haswell i5 4670k on stock cooling and run mid-high 20's at idle. right now im at 29c

    from what i know haswell runs hotter.. Maybe your air flow is restricted?

    His temps are fine.
  4. Hi inherendo and Jake. Thanks for the quick replies.

    I don't think the air flow is too restricted... most of my cables are run back through the cable management section of the case.

    I had seen lots of people managing to get load temps in the mid 50's with 3570k and Hyper 212 EVO, and that was with a mild overclock to boot. Maybe my CPU just runs a bit hotter or something? I know all chips aren't created equal. Just concerned because I would like the option to overclock down the road without running extremely hot.

    On another note... I re-seated the cooler tonight, and I always like lots of room to work so popped out the RAM and video card before starting. Now my boot times are slower after putting everything back in... it doesn't concern me as the system runs fine after boot, just really curious if anyone knows what would cause that, lol.

    Thanks everyone!

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    One problem is you have two exit fans, top and rear, and only one input fan, front. This causes two problems. One, you will have a negative pressure in your case which results in its attracting dust. Second, that low internal air pressure will cool worse. You need at least two, if not three input fans. Can you get another one on the front? Can you put another input fan on the side?
  6. Hi all. Thanks again for the help. Was working and out all day so just getting a chance to respond now.

    I did a couple of things. On the Cooler Master 690 ii Advanced, there are 6 3.5" drive bays at the front of the case blocking the air intake from the front case fan. The bottom four are removable, and as I only have two drives, I took the brackets out so it is just empty space which opened up some of the air flow from the front case fan.

    I also picked up two additional case fans. One 120mm Noctua fan which I have installed at the bottom of the case as intake (I have no additional room at the front for a second case fan as the one already there is a 140mm fan).

    The second is a 140mm Noctua case fan I have installed on the left side of the case (intake).

    So my idle has dropped about 3 degrees celcius, however, I live on a second floor condo and it is really hot today (no comfy geek basement for me...). So I don't think that is a fair comparison.

    Initial tests with Prime 95 Large FFTs showed a larger drop. However, I didn't run it for very long. I'm going to run it for a more extended period of time and see how I fare.

    Will post again.

  7. PS. I wasn't too worried about my GPU temperatures... however, I am very impressed at how this has helped there. On a cooler day than this, my GTX 660 TI was idling around 29 C. Now, on a hotter day, I am idling around 25 C. I think that is a pretty good improvement for a couple of inexpensive case fans.
  8. Great news. And as a bonus, you will have less dust.
  9. Pretty happy with the temps now. I ran a blend test instead, which I know usually doesn't run as hot as the Large FFT test, but I ran it for 9 hours straight.

    For some reason I can't log into my image shack account, but i watched it for 5 mins before ending the test and this is what my temps were hovering at:

    Core 0: 55
    Core 1: 59-61 (this one always runs hottest)
    Core 2: 56
    Core 3: 55

    The temps did seem to spike briefly up into the 65 range on Core 1 a couple of hours before I looked according to CoreTemp, but overall they stayed below 60 the vast majority of the time.

    I've looked all over the internet, and haven't seen any reports of people getting temps much below that on the Evo 212, so I'm happy with it now.

    Thanks everyone! Marking as solved.
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