How to overclock AMD FX 8350

Hi everyone , I've just got my new processor AMD FX 8350 with Antec H2O 620 Cooler .

I wanted to know all the details to overclock my Processor to 4.3 or 4.4 if possible .

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  1. Read guides such as what Bartholomew put up. Take it slow, in small notches. Thats the most important thing. Same with GPU overclocking, going too high right off the bat, can damage the hardware.
  2. Those guides are amazingly helpful. I had previously used Ai Suite as an auto-OCer, getting myself around 4.4Ghz. But in all honesty, it felt like I was cheating. I didn't put the work in myself.

    Now reading BOTH guides carefully, I got my 8350 up to 5.1Ghz. Took me about 5 hours to do, but I'm definitely proud of what I accomplished.

    Thanks, bartholomew.
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