Memory dump now half RAM not recognised

Hi all,

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit on a Sony Vaio.

Noticed it was running slowly last week so checked the RAM and saw that only half of it was usuable according to windows and the BIOS.

I reseated the CPU last night, turned the computer on and it was working like a dream with all the RAM being recognised again.

After about an hour though it crashed with the blue screen of death:

I turned the laptop on again and half the RAM is again unrecognised.

It so unbelievably frustrating. I've checked all RAM chips individually and they all work fine. Any ideas?
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  1. download and run memtest86 ( to make sure both of your Ram Sticks are working correctly
  2. If sticks test okay, it might be a problem with a driver. check the Vaio site and make sure tou have all the latest drivers, while there check you have the latest BIOS. Also if using any add on peripherals like keyboard, mouse, USB wireless ethernet, external monitor, HD, etc disconnect all of those and if problem goes away, add them back one at a time. Might also run MalwareBytes, there's been a rash of Malware lately running around in particular the FBI one that's been modified and doesn't work that has been crashing systems. Hope one of these helps
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