dell xps 720 h2c replaced drive wont boot

I have a little used dell xps 720 h2c running WIN 7 64 bit on the whole its stable and runs well. However I desperately need to run some 32 software but virtual pc is too slow with parts not working as they should in graphic programes.
I decided to replaced the ex drive with a new 2TB Tosh one and instal Win 7 32 bit, I added the new drive first under the 64 bit os and formated as recognisable gave it a new name and it is recognised in win 7 as drive X: (just easier), I can access it in the 64 bit programe no issue on that part.
The problem: if in the Bios I turn off the existing 2 HDD's that work and turn on the new drive and try to load win 7, it wont boot or find the dvd drive, error being no boot device available and not recognised. Checking the setup bios from Dell shows only available devices are SATA, PATA and usb drives if you order them in correct sequence you need, - no cd/dvd device available to use in the setup bios though. Therefore I cannot load Win 7 straight onto the new HDD (even with all old ones out and this one on) as setup needs a driver I guess for the dvd/cd bay. I did upgrade the HDD 2 years ago and vaguely remember this same issue at the time but cant remember how I sorted it. How can I get Win 7 to load on to the new HDD? I have looked through forums with no success apart from this is a bit flakey to do. As there are no floppy drives in the machine with only usb or dvd/cd bays I cant load drivers apart from I guess a stick, but what drivers would I need to get the dvd/cd to talk? or have I missed something else.

Further information to help: also this line comes up 'boot failed as required device is inaccessible comes up under win boot manager in setup when accessed'. Any help greatly appreciated, sorry its a bit long).
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  1. Are you trying this on an external drive? You said something about "ex" drive. You can't install Windows on an external drive.

    Get a new internal drive, unplug the existing one. Install Windows on that drive. If you want to switch, just swap cables on the drives.

    Or to make things easier, partition the existing drive and create a new partition for the 32 bit Windows setup, install Windows 32 bit on that partition (make sure you install it on the right partition or you will wipe your existing drive). You should see two boot options after you do that, select which one you want at boot time.
  2. Thanks for your reply, sorry I have been away for a bit.
    'Ex' is my typo I should have said existing (not external), my error. - I tried to fit a new internal drive earlier, the problem is the bios has no option to boot from a Dvd/cd drive for some reason, so I cannot load windows from install disk, it is not listed as an option in the bios settings only usb or floppies, as the machine did not come with floppy drive I cannot install with that option, only usb input. If I load from a stick I would need the small sequence of dos commands to get the dvd/cd to be seen and used to get windows loaded from the dvd. Its been a long time since I used dos commands I cannot remember the way I did it.
  3. Does the DVD drive work in your current installation? If it's not even listed as a boot option it would mean it's not seen. Does it show up in other areas of the BIOS?

    You can easily make a USB Windows 7 setup, download the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, it will simply prompt you for an ISO image of the Windows 7 DVD you will use, and then create a bootable USB drive for you.
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