Buying a 23"-24" monitor, use: programming, VA or IPS?

As a programmer and university student, I am behind my screen at least 8 hours per day.
After noticing the prices of nowaday's monitors, I wondered why I still have my crappy 19" TN display.

Requirement: At least 23".
Usage: Reading and writing a lot. Hardly any gaming (got other equipment for that). Easy on the eyes.
Budget: €150 initially (I live in the Netherlands).

What kind of specs should I be looking for to fit my usage?

I considered the BenQ GW2450HM (VA) because of its good contrast, plus it suits the budget.
Or will I really do myself a favor by buying an IPS monitor? Should I spend an extra €100 on the Dell U2412M? Will I regret buying a VA in a year?

Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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  1. Dell makes a strong case.

    1. IPS (best viewing angles and image quality)
    2. Portrait mode
    3. 1920x1200 instead of 1920x1080
  2. Thanks. The higher resolution is nice.

    I've come across the LG IPS237L as well, which is priced around €160. Seems to be pretty good. An inch less (23") but that way I'll will save around €80. Could this be a good option as well?
  3. ^ Just a comment. While the diagonal distance is only 1 in, the effect is more as The Dell is a 16::10 display while the LG is a 16:9.

    Even if the dia was the same (ie both 24 In) A 24 In 16:10 display is bigger than a 24 in 16:9 display so even more pronounced when LG is also a inch smaller diagonal.
    For your intended usage the 16:10 is much better.

    23" 1920x1080 (16::9) = 1534 sq cm
    24 1920x1080 (16::9) = 1588 sq cm
    24" 1920 x1200 (16::10) = 1670 sq cm

    Bottom line, a 24" (16::9) is only 8.37 sq inches bigger than a 23" (16::9),
    the 24 In 16::10 is 21.08 Sq inches bigger than the 23: 16::9 display

    Have a 24 in 16::10 samsung LED TN HDTV/Monitor - loved it, the IPS Or samsungs PLS, displays are even better

    Alternate display (Not sure if available and price)
    24" 1920 x 1200 $260 USD
    Link is just for referene,would need to check over there.
  4. Thanks for pointing out! I think a (24") 16:10 would indeed fit programming better.

    Another alternative: LG Flatron 24EB23TM, 24" AH-IPS, €170.
    Could this be a suitable alternative to the Dell U2412M?
  5. Yes, plus editted my post to include a 2nd alternative.
    PS For eye strain might want to fo with a matte display vs a glossy display
  6. Thanks for the suggestion in your edited post. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it here.

    I think the LG Flatron 24EB23TM is pretty interesting, 1920x1200 24" AH-IPS for just €170. Can't find any reviews of it however, aside from a couple of user reviews which seem quite positive.
  7. Neither could I.
    Price is very low for a 24 inch ISP panel.
    When this is the case, personally I like to see the monitor before I buy - I try to find a store where I can see it even thoght I normaly buy it online.

    Monitors can be a very personal choice,
    .. ie the matte vs a glossy display.
    .. back lighting, LED vs CCFL

    ?? what grade is the panel.
    LG and Samsung are the two major suppliers of Panels to OEMs
    ie The monitor I settled on was a Asus 27" PLS 2560 x 1440 - the Panel was a Samsung, I think most of Dell's ISP panels are LG panels
    Often the lower grade panels are used in lower priced monitors (A+ vs A vs A-)
    Lower end panels tend to have more dead/stuck pixels - meaning that you need to read the warranty on replacing if you do infact get one with dead/stuck pixels. You can get a feel for this by reading user comments, BUT only vaild if nr of people rating is is >30.
  8. I understand. Matte will probably be easier on the eyes; fortunately both the LG 24EB23TM and Dell U2412M are matte. Both monitors are only available in online shops here, so it'll be difficult to check them out beforehand.

    With the Dell I probably can't go wrong:
    + very good reviews, everywhere
    + the ergonomics options (swivel etc.)
    - €70 to €80 more expensive
    - 6bit E-IPS?

    The LG:
    + €70 to €80 cheaper
    + 8bit AH-IPS?
    - not many ergonomic features (only tiltable)
    - very new, not many reviews (yet)

    Then again, I'm not sure how much I will benefit from the ergonomic features. Right now I have a couple of books stacked under my current monitor, which I think is fine, but maybe I'll find it a huge relief to be able to rotate and move the display any way I like.

    Furthermore, the Dell is almost 2 years old. Can that be considered old yet, or can it last for a couple more years? Will new techniques like AH-IPS prove a real improvement over for example E-IPS? I read that when you're not too picky it's hard to notice the difference between 6 or 8 bit.
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