EVGA GTX 770 ACX vs SuperClocked vs Classified

Hey guys,

I am a looking to buy an EVGA GTX 770, but I was wondering, why would one buy an FTW/Superclocked ACX GTX 770 (and pay more) when you can buy the GTX 770 with ACX and OC it your self?
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  1. Because some people only want to run their cards at the stock clock the manufacturer came up with, no tuning any at all. Plus there is a small ( really small ) chance that the GPU you got with your normal 770 is a bad one and can't be OC-ed to the level of the superclocked edition ( we call it silicon gamble here ).
  2. FTW has a better phase design and got the best cooling of all the EVGA cards, its the best OCed one.
    Superclocked also got a better phase design(8 phase if i'm not mistaken)
  3. If I understood well the more phases the more OC potential right? How much % more would one be able to OC if lets say you go from 6 to 8 phases. Is it worth the extra $$$ ?
  4. I recommend you the EVGA GTX 770 Classified if you really want to overclock the card, I dont recommend the ACX for overclocking
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