7950 for MSI Z87-G45 Gaming Motherboard

Looking at building Haswell system using theMSI Z87-G45 Gaming Motherboard and was wondering if the MSI VGA boost would give the
MSI Radeon HD7950 3GB Twin Frozr III Boost Edition card an advantage over the Sapphire Radeon HD7950 3GB OC Vapor-X Edition card.
The MSI card is also cheaper by $10
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  1. There are no increase in compatibility when the motherboard and the VGA you use are made from the same company. Not at all. However, in this case, the MSI one is better due to higher stock core clock.
  2. It says on the board specs that:
    MSI VGA Boost is one of MSI's exclusive ways to support gamers to fully engage in their virtual world.

    VGA Boost increases the power limitations for MSI GAMING graphics cards when inserted in an MSI GAMING motherboard. It simply upgrades your Power Tuning and current limits allowing your graphics to boost to higher clock speeds when your gaming graphics get more intense and sustain maximum performance for a longer time.
    This is all supported because of the power design for the PCI Express slots and the build quality of MSI Graphics cards. Now, matching MSI gaming hardware not only gives your game PC some fiery red dragon looks, your PC gaming experience will benefit from a safe and powerful boost in graphics.

    Or this only something for upcoming cards?
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    And the flaw on that ads? MSI's 7950 TF3 boost edition doesn't have a red cover, so it won't match your MSI gaming board that much. Right now only the GTX770 gaming has that :

    As for power limit increasing : it applies for the 770 gaming linked above only.
  4. ok Thanks
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