Will this PSU be good for now and the future?

I am going to be upgrading my GPU soon. I am going to get either a 650 TI Boost, or a 7850. The PSU i have is a cheap one that came with my computer case. I also plan in the next year or so to upgrade my cpu/mobo/memory. I have been looking into a i5 as i7 is just way to expensive for me and i think its a little overkill. Would this psu be good for me after i would upgrade everything?
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  1. No review on that CM i500 yet, and most CM PSUs at the moment has low quality so I wouldn't recommend that i500. This PSU should be the better option, future-proof also. More than enough for all your upgrades, of course :
  2. i am not sure which models they are, but CM had lots of failed psu's. not saying that this is one of them, but with tons of other options out there, i'd chose other brands over this.
    check seasonic, corsair, or xfx, among others
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    I agree,

    I know a lot of Coolmaster PSU's that have had issues. I would go with a good branded one. I brought a CX750 from Corsair and it has been amazing. They sell their build range from 450W do you have plenty to choose from if your on a budget
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