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Hard drive in SATA dock saying it needs formatting - recovery attempts failing

June 7, 2013 5:55:02 AM

I had a seagate 1 tb hard drive and it broke. I took it apart and bought a welland sata dock to get the data off it. When i went into disk management, there was no unallocated space but the hard drive was accessible and I begun the transfer of files to my other hard drive. Then it stopped responding. I had no option but to "unsafely" remove the USB and from then on, the hard drive in the sata dock says it needs formatting and there is a data error: cyclic redundancy check.

I have downloaded find and mount - it found no partitions.
I have downloaded test disk and it says there is a partition error, and doesnt show any partitions.

Please, someone have a simple solution. I dont understand computer jargon, so use laymans terms if possible. Thanks.
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