Fiber optic vs cat 6

When connecting switches back to central location is there any reason to use fiber optic over cat 6? This is of course assuming that the distance is less than 100 meters since cat 6 loses 1 gigabit speed transfer after that.
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  1. Largely future-proofing. Also note that the 100m isn't a exact distance, it's theoretical.

    While you can do 10GBASE-T for 100m over cat 6a, fibre is usually more dependable and will go up to higher speeds, as new control gear comes out.
  2. Many switches are capable of speeds greater than 1 gigabit over fiber.
  3. I'm looking at 10GB minimum backbone for a corporate network I'm building myself.

    I wouldn't ever stick with 1 GB transfer rate as a backbone anymore.
  4. FYI: That's Gb, not GB. And yeah, I max out gigabit ethernet easily. Can't imagine it in a corporate network.

    My guess is that copper won't go over 10G without serious shielding or link aggregation, yet we see 100G over fibre in places where they're seriously bandwidth-starved (e.g. undersea cables), and that will filter down, and still has room to grow.
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