Good gaming/everyday laptop?

I was wondering if the hp envy dv6t-7300 a good laptop for gaming and everyday use. I also would want to download music and stuff like that.
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  1. The problem is 'laptop' makes the price go 2-3x of what you could do with the same $ in a desktop... sucks, really does. I keep designing a laptop I'd like but it keeps coming out to be a minimum of $4k... Just nuts. Anyhow so it comes down to what you expect from a 'gaming' laptop. Will it play games, sure... will it run with everything maxed out at 60+ fps? not a chance in hell. But to get the most out of it get the optional GT650M video card and it will play ok with low to medium settings on smoothly.

    Actually the one thing I would do is grab a Win 7 OEM disk to go with it. I just can't stand W8... That's entirely from an administrative point of view also, not the whole Metro/start-menu thing either... Also grab a nice 256G SSD and put in there also... In laptops especially, they tend to be real helpers for the OS drives. Though then you're limited on how much you can store, but take the stock drive and get a 2.5" USB only caddy (no power connection necessary, all through USB) and store your music, etc there. Really convenient and re-uses your equipment.

    So will it game, ya... is it a 'gamer', not really.
  2. K thanks a lot. I'm not a huge gamer but ill propabally do a lot of add on. For example minecraft. I was told its a fun game so?
  3. Minecraft isn't a 'game' like say Crysis per-say... It's a different animal... If you want a nice laptop for everyday stuff that will also play minecraft; then ya. You can do that for your budget... That's a different animal entirely. It's more of an app, for the sake of discussion. Fun as heck but not super system intensive. Sure it can be obviously but generally speaking...

    Minecraft is a Java (if I remember, been a while) core program. So it's a bit hard on the CPU. But can also use a good GPU still so getting a nice 'everyday' rig can help. So you're still looking at pretty much most, if not all of that grand though... Even a bit more if you want all the eye-candy and fluid movements but most mainstream every-day rigs today should play it pretty well actually.

    When you said gaming laptop, most of us were thinking about a rig capable of at least running more aggressive games, playable in some flavor... And those would be more demanding. But if you don't mind making some sacrifices in either graphic quality or FPS, you might be able to pull it off. You are still going to want to get the most you can swing though, especially with a laptop. Don't save $ for games... Can get those later. Get the hardware now. Upgrading a laptop, except for memory or an SSD after the fact, can be very difficult if not impossible.

    If you want, I could dig up some examples of what I might consider through some common sources... See if I can hit your budget.
  4. K that would be great! And I just want a laptop tht I won't regret buying.
  5. Sorry for the misunderstanding about gaming. For example I would want to play: minecraft, happy wheels, maybe so slender or amnesia. I just want a great laptop. I understand why desktop is better for the same money. But I travel a lot and my ipad isn't enough!
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