SSD freezing problem

Hi i wonder if anyone can help me. i got a 120gb corsair ssd drive and installed it. everything was going fine after a clean format and install but at the end of the day i turned on then forced shutdown to get a disk out of the drive before i went to bed. (me being lazy) next morning the pc would'nt boot. i put windows 7 disk in to try fix it but couldnt get it to work, so i reformatted. everythings up a running and now im plagued with system freezes that crash the pc. reformatted several times with same problem.

ive managed to get it down to a ssd problem, as everything works fine if i install everything to harddrive with nothing else

so i got 500gb hardrive
Corsair force GT 60gb ssd <---- system drive
Corsair force GT 120gb ssd <--- for mmos etc

now if i just have the 60g ssd with windows on it everything seems fine.
but the moment i add a drive after a random time (between 15-60mins) the system freezes
all firmware has been updated and ive secure erased the ssd's every install
any ideas as im going crazy here

Everything was fine untill this hard shutdown i did
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  1. So many secure erases? You probably shouldn't have done the first secure erase. Just do quick format with ssd's. This should trigger trim for the whole drive. Is your system set in IDE or AHCI mode? What MB do you have? Memory, etc? I assume your OS is windows 7?
  2. Spec:

    i5-2500K @3.30GHz Corsair ram XMS3
    Sabertooth P67 mb
    Corsair force GT 60gb ssd
    Corsair force GT 120gb ssd
    500Gb HD
    Nvidia 670 GTX
    coolmaster 850w
    Windows 7
    and yes running in AHCI mode
    firmware of MB and SSD's have been updated
    whole system runs perfectly untill the random restarts

    Update with my problem:
    In advanced power options I changed "turn hard disk off after 20minutes" to"never" as i heard this can be a problem for SSD drives.
    Now i dont have freezing problem but the PC restarts itself at random times.
    For example i had the PC on from 2pm yesterday to 2am without a glitch, but then restarted at 2:30am and then at 4am. Then a run from 4am to 11:30am
    without a glitch and just now it restarted again. Now i remember that windows 7 had just installed an update about 10mins before the last restart.
    Could it be that automatic windows update is causing the trouble? Ive turned that off now to see what happens.
    Event viewer just says "event ID 41 kernel-power error" which i presume is the PC restarting and not shutting down properly
    Any thoughts anyone?
  3. I always shut off all auto processes. I do them my self if needed. And I turn off hibernate and etc too.

    Here's a "how-to" web page on turning off hibernate.
  4. i got new power lead, drive lead and data lead to SSD's yesterday and left ot on all night.
    I got a restart at 10:30pm then clear till 6am when i had three restarts between 6am and 9am
    Ill try the hibernate thing but these are crashes with a restart at completely random times.
    Im beginning to think i just got unlucky and i popped both SSD drives when i did that restart
  5. Could be your PSU is flaking out occasionally. What about random power outages, fluctuations and brown outs? Something could be overheating too?
  6. Just an update for everyone just in case they might have the same issue. It was the motherboard. I took it in for repairs and they said a faulty motherboard. Replaced and all working fine now. cheers for the help everyone
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