Need some advice before buying a budget GPU.

Hey All,
Its my first time buying a GPU and therefore have some questions.
I've got an i3-2100 with 2 GB of RAM. My monitor is the Samsung S20A300B, 20" with a native resolution of 1600x900.
I'm not a heavy gamer. Prefer strategy games like Command and Conquer, Game of Thrones, Assasins Creed.
These games are very slow on my PC and so I decided to get a decent budget GPU. My budget is about $100.
After much research, I've decided on the HD 7750.

Many people recommended that I get an AMD card rather than Nvidia (They said low budget AMD cards are better than Nvidia). But then I've also heard many people saying that Nvidia's cards last longer.
I have 2 friends who had, at first, purchased AMD but they failed just after a couple of months. Then they got Nvidia, and the cards have been working fine since then.
#1) are there any complains about AMD's cards failing often? or was this just co-incidence?
#2) Nvidia cards are cheaper. Is there a considerable difference in performance between AMD and Nvidia?
#3) Is there any other budget card within $100 that may outperform the HD 7750?
#4) Will the HD 7750 be able to run the games I mentioned above and any related games?
#5) I've seen 2 versions of the HD 7750. One was by Gigabyte while the other was by Sapphire. The Sapphire one was priced more. Is there any difference between them?

Another thing, my friend said that these cards heat up quickly and that I'll need to apply some thermal paste as well or my card will not last long. That true?

I have a very limited money, so please suggest cards that are within the budget.
Thanks alot.
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  1. The HD7750 is a good choice. Make SURE it is a version with GDDR5, not DDR3 (which is visibly slower). This card uses little power, and produces little heat. Assuming it isn't defective from the factory, there should be no need to replace the thermal paste.
    Check for deals though, I think I saw a HD7770 for only $100 not long ago.
  2. The 7750 is the best card for $100 right now, unfortunately you can get a bad card no matter what you buy, but they are few and far between depending on the manufacturer of the card. The 2 you mentioned are both reliable makes so pick either the Sapphire or the Gigabyte and you should be fine. My advice is to leave the thermal paste alone, your card will already have the paste applied. The 7750 will play what you want well, just tweak the options a bit to get it to run smoother if need be. Good Luck!! hope you enjoy your new GPU!

    and I DEFINITELY agree with Onus, make sure it is DDR5 :-D
  3. Here's a 7770 I found for less than $100 after a rebate :-D

    not sure if it needs power connectors though...
  4. The Sapphire 7750 @ NE is $95, the 7770 GHz Edition is $115. If you could swing the 7770 GE you would get a lot better card for only $20 more.......

    But your best buy would be a GTX 650Ti @ $130. It's a better card and faster that a 7770.
  5. I agree with what endeavour37a said, but have you though about adding some memory to your system? If you are running Win7 or Win8, 2GB of RAM is not much and could effect your game play.
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