Buying a new gaming keyboard/mouse which?

I'm looking to buy a mechanical keyboard which has back lightning and I'm not to fussed about macros. It will be used for gaming/typing. I'm also looking for a gaming mouse.

My budget is £140 ($217)

The keyboard and mouse has to be on Amazon and sold by Amazon because I have a Amazon gift certificate which can only be used on Amazon and items sold by Amazon.
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    See if you can find the K90 keyboard.
  2. X79 said:
    See if you can find the K90 keyboard.

    I have found it and can buy it. Is it good, corsair just announced there K70 ect which is out next month.
  3. It is good. But then wait for the K70 if you can. Probably a snag.
  4. X79 said:
    It is good. But then wait for the K70 if you can. Probably a snag.

    Only difference I see between them both is that K70 doesn't have the macros on the left and is fully mechanical on all the keys. Do you have the K70?
  5. No I don't have it.
  6. The Logitech G500 Is a pretty good gaming mouse at around £30 on ebay or £40 on amazon and If you are willing to spend a little extra I would highly recommend the Razer black widow it is a wonderful keyboard. If you go to your Local PC world they will have a large array of keyboards and display ready to try out so I would go there and see what you think. But the black widow is a fantastic keyboard but would go over budget.

    EDIT: Just Found A black widow Ultimate on amazon for £90. A steal if you ask me

    A logitech g500 is £40

    Comes to £130 for a great setup.
  7. I advise Corsair mechanical gaming keyboard, it is very attractive and the gaming mouse should be ROCCAT
  8. Hi
    Also I believe that Razer Deathdder 2013 is an optimal choice: ($59,99)
    Also sold by amazon

    And the mousepad?
    Razer Goliathus Standard: ($19,99)
    Also sold by amazon

    Razer DeathStalker Expert: ($76,61)
    Also sold by amazon

    Sorry for my bad english..

    Just bought this myself and omg I love it!
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