First time build, Plz help check for compatibility

Hello there! Thank you for taking time to read my First Time Build. Here are my components that I picked. I hope a person with good knowledge or a technician can maybe help me check for compatibility for my parts. Thank you very much for your time!!!!!

Use For Gaming, Movie, Homework. Stuff I did not have on my list such as OS, keyboard, monitor, I already owned.

PS: Comments on parts are helpful to me, so feel free. Case Op Drive CPU + MB Combo RAM SSD HDD GPU PSU Cooler

Total: $1471 Shipping, Tax Included (Shipping, Tax fee depends on location)
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More about time build plz check compatibility
  1. Lose the finned RAM. There may be clearance issues with the cooler.
    Get low profile.
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    Other than what USAFRet said, everything is compatible. You are good to go. Solid build.
  3. Firstly, the HD7950 is better than the 660ti for around the same price especially if you overclock it, but perhaps you have a preference to Nvidia in which case then its up to you.

    Secondly, I see you've gone for Z87/4670K and in my opinion youd be better off going for the 3570K and a Z77 board as although they are "older" granted, theyre better value for money that Haswell, especially with the 4670K just being released it's more expensive, perhaps put the saving toward a GTX770?
  4. Should I use the fan that come with the CPU instead of the After market fan, because the Sabertooth already have 2 little on board fan, not planning to OC yet, maybe later.
  5. You could do, and use that money towards a better GPU?
  6. Why are you spending so much on a motherboard if you don't plan on initially overclocking?
  7. Yes, if you are not planning on overclocking you do not need anything other than the stock fan/sink.

    @SublimeOrange - love your avatar :)
  8. i just dont want my pc to burn up, i am going long time`gaming. + the sabertooth's has internal cooler and the component are TUF.
  9. Yeah, even with lots of gaming, you will be fine if you aren't overclocking. :)
  10. $1452.88

    I've put a i7 3770K and also a GTX770...
  11. SublimeOrange said:

    I've put a i7 3770K and also a GTX770...

    That looks really good, but the h100 is overkill, especially if he's not gonna overclock at first... Also the i7 of course isn't necesary
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