Building PC for Gaming, Budget 800-900$


I will play games like Battel Field, Call of Duty, Crysis, NFS etc.

Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: July

Budget Range: 800-900$

Parts to Upgrade: Everything that would be inside a cabinet.

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:,

Location: USA

Overclocking: Yes.

I already have a basic PC(that is about to die soon) and I'm not very tech savvy. Please help with options.

I'm not even sure to purchase AMD products or Intel Products, same with Graphics Card, AMD or nVidia.

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  1. One thing you can do is go to and use the build simulator to pick parts for your build. The partpicker will give you choices from the lowest prices available.

    When building a computer strictly for gaming some like to go with Intel for a cpu however the Intel cpu can be more expensive and so with lower budgeted builds people will go with AMD, same with the video card.
    If your doing an upgrade and you want to keep the hard drive that you have then you can upgrade to this for parts.

    Being $819 after rebates you could pick up a hard drive for under $100 and still be around your budget.
  2. Thanks inzone. I need few more parts within that budget.

    With some research and help from friends, i came up with this.

    Please edit it whereever necessary.
  3. Your choices look good, however if your going with AMD and want the top 8 core processor you should know that they make four models of that 8 core with the only difference being the stock speed. You can save $40 by going with the 8320 and you'll have the same 8mb cache and 8 cores but with a 3.5ghz stock and 4.0ghz boost. This can easily be regained by a small overclock to get to 4ghz. The extra $40 could allow for a higher model video card such as this;

    This card has free shipping , a $35 rebate and free game (Metro Last Light) plus is rated one level higher then the 7850. Benchmarks have proven that an AMD CPU when paired with a Nvidia video card performs much better then when paired with an AMD card.,3107-7.html
  4. The MB and CPU i chose are overclockable right?

    Do i need an extra fan or cooler for overclocking?

    nVidia cards looks bit costly.

    My main aim is to have good MB and CPU so that i would not have to change them very soon.

    Graphics cards can be changed and also we get resale value for them.

    I can go with great MB and CPU and Fans(needed for overclocking), and compromise on GPU
  5. The CPU that you chose can be overclocked and depending on how much time you want to spend on the overclock that determines how high you can go. Some have been able to reach 5ghz but it is not easy.
    AMD processors tend to run hotter then Intel processors so you do have to get a very good cooler for that processor. The one that you chose while very good will not get you very far, you might want to look at something like the Corsair H-80i or H-100i.
  6. One 8gb stick of ram allows you to get more ram on the motherboard so if the max amount fo ram for the MB was 32gb and you only had four slots then you would want to use 8gb sticks. If your not going for the max amount of ram and the most hat you would want is 16gb the you can go with 4gb sticks. Windows will see and use the ram which ever way you go, no real performance use.

    The room cooler will only make the ambient temp of the room cooler, you cannot use it to cool the CPU. It is your choice on what to do for a CPU cooler based on what kind of overclock you intend to do. The better coolers cost more.

    The Zalman coolers have rebates to make them less expensive and you can go with these if your aiming for a medium overclock.
  7. That should work ok for you and I would put a second fan on it, the radiator can hold two one on each side. It's called push/pull with one fan blowing into the radiator and the other blowing out, it gives more cooling power. They also make the dual size radiator that can hold up to four fans.
  8. So this is my final build:

    I have changed the RAM and Case.

    For cooler;

    and can you provide me with the link to that extra fan?

    Thanks again for helping me out.
  9. Best answer

    Newegg has the whole unit with two fans for $74.99 and a $25 rebate card making the final price $49.
  10. Thanks...

    So i go with my final build? or do i need to change anything there?
  11. There is a choice that some people make to give their new build that little extra boost in performance and that is to have a SSD as the OS drive and some will go with a 128gb size and others a 256gb size. If a 128gb size is chosen then they would only put the OS and the current game on it with the rest on the regular hard drive. But this is a personal choice and is not a necessary move at all.

    Otherwise your good to go with what you have selected.
  12. Hey inzone; thanks for you help, I have purchased my rig finally and happyyyzzz :).
  13. Good deal and hope your having fun with it.
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