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I need a new monitor for games mainly, then movies. I don't mind black bars so I was thinking about NEC EA244WMi.
The problem is the 1920x1200.
I think 1080 would be better but I can't get EA234WMi, because for some reason it's not in local shops yet and I'd have to order from abroad.
Anyway - what do you think? 1200vs1080

Mainly: Are TN displays still okay or are the IPS so much better, that TN are just good for games and that's it? I understand the latency of IPS is good (around 5 ms) due to Overdrive technology, whatever it is. (I play MMO's only anyway, no FPS)

I prefer NEC or Samsung, though I heard Samsung has some problems with backlight.
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  1. 1920x1200 will have more pixels than 1920x1080p. However, the aspect ratios are different.
    The aspect ratio for the 1200 is 16:10 while the ratio for the 1080p is 16:9.
    This means that the 1080p will have a more rectangular shape while the 1200 will have a squarish shape to it.
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