lenovo ideapad y500 or y510p

i dont know whether to go for the y500 or y510p for architecture? will it make any difference in the performance of the programs?
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  1. The Y510p has the Haswell processor vs. the Y500 which has the Ivy Bridge processor. The Haswell is too new to have really been tested yet. From what I have read, though I can't back it up with hard evidence, you might not be able to tell much of a difference between the two (except in price).
    For further reading on Haswell look at these links:
  2. is this even good to power programs like 3ds max, revit, autocad or should i look at something completely different?
  3. SOmehwhat on topic, is there any laptop that can beat the Y500 in price for gaming?
  4. I am in your same position and I have been reading some reviews/posts and it seems that the build quality in general is better on the Y510p than on the Y500 like the awful touchpad and some other issues.
    It seems that the battery life is better which is due to Haswell's architecture and "probably" activating Nvidia Optimus to switch to the iGPU at times to save energy.
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