Acer LED Monitor DVI No Signal Problem

I just purchased a brand new monitor today for my Acer Desktop and everything was working well. However it changed when I decided to check the buttons on the monitor. Unfortunately I had no idea what button was what since it was not labeled, so I winged it and then suddenly I get this "DVI No Signal" on my screen. So I decided restarting it, still there. Took all of the cables out, still there. After 20 times, I became frustrated and not sure what to do. I don't think it's my video card since it works fine. Does anyone know what I can do to resolve this problem>?
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  1. tosaytheleast said:
    Call ACER service center or the shop where you bought that from. Or you could also check the manual of that monitor. Maybe there you could find out the buttons to press.

    Acer Call service is totally useless for me as I waited and waited and got fed up. Today I opened my computer up thinking there's a problem, well there was one in how dirty it was and after cleaning it up, I connected everything and to no avail, the same thing has happened: DVI No Signal. I remembered I had my old computer so i hooked it up to worrying that something is wrong with my computer but I get the same message.

    To anyone who sees this; Acer Monitors are completely terrible and should be avoided.
  2. Does not sound like an Acer issue, but a pushing buttons randomly issue.

    Look at the manual and find out how to switch back to the original input. I'm guessing your monitor has multiple connections and you just changed it over to the one you are not using.
  3. Try resetting the monitor..Do this by disconnecting all cables to the monitor then you press and hold the power button for 30 seconds this resets the monitor and releases all static build up in the monitor.
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