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Hello all,

Today a finished building my very first PC. I was having trouble starting up first because I wouldn't get anything on my monitor. I was told to take out the GPU, and a display came on fine after I did that, however I obviously bought the GPU for a reason and would like to use it, but whenever I put it back in and boot up I get a black screen.

As I said this is a new computer and I have no previous card drivers so there shouldn't be a conflict.

Any ideas? Is this a wonky card?

The card is an MSI GTX 660 twinfrozr.


EDIT: I've already installed Windows 7 and updated all the drivers. The issue isn't with my CPU or Motherboard I don't think.
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  1. Try starting the PC with the GPU installed, but the monitor plugged into the motherboard. Install all the GPU drivers and software that came with it.

    If not, try going into your BIOS and look for PCI-e settings. You might need to select the GTX 660 as the primary display.
  2. A lot Of mb vendors had to drop bios updates for no post issues and some gpu. Check that your mb running the newest bios file. also check that you used the right pci power cable on the mb. Pci cable is black with a one or two four pin plugs. Pci video power cables will be blue and be six pin plus two. Also check that both six pin plugs on your card are filled if it has them.
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