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I am reviving my old phenom I I X3 and I am using some parts from my current rig. Currently I have an I7-3770k, an Asrock extreme4 mb, 16 g of pc1600 ram, a 2g 7850, a Samsung 840 SSD running Win7 pro in an old case (Antec) with a few year old 620w Antec power supply. I am planning on taking the case, power supply and probably the 7850 and pairing them with the phenom x3. I am getting a new 1440p monitor in the next week and I am thinking that I should upgrade my GPU for the new monitor (the reason i am considering getting a new GPU). What I am looking/asking for is do I need a new GPU? I also need a good mid tower case for about ~$100 as well as a new power supply since they are pairing with my new stuff (I know it can be a tricky question to answer). The kind of case I am looking for is quiet with good airflow. My preferences are that it is black doesn't have a bunch of LEDs and I don't need a window. I do not plan on going multiple monitor and this rig is primarily for gaming. I am planning on getting these components in the month. I am thinking about a GTX770 or a 7870Ghz for possible GPUs (again if needed). Let me know if you need any further info.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Actually yeah if you want a 1440p screen you are going to need at least GTX 770.
    Don't go for 7870 GHz Edition, that is too weak as compared to former.

    GTX 770 is slightly faster HD 7970, let alone 7870 and 7850. That is very popular GPU and should be able to take care of your gaming needs.

    As far as PSU matters -

    And for case : (Thermaltake Urban S71 Full Tower) (Rosewill Thor V2, very slight LEDs Full Tower)

    Keep in mind, your old motherboard is not going to work with Phenom II X3 due to different sockets.
    Also keep in mind that i7 3770K is MUCH faster than Phenom II .. just some info .. :)
  2. I'd opt for at least a 7870xt Radeon to get good performance and not spend a lot, or 7970 card that comes with the 4 free games, or of course a 770. A very good case right now is the Fractal Design Define R4 w/window. Read some reviews on it, it's a very solid choice. A decent PSU right now for price is: Of course you have to deal with a MiR. I'd stay away from most Corsairs just because they are great for entry level to mid builds, but for the hardware you'll be sporting I'd get something a little better quality. Here is a handy chart for some decent info:
  3. Where is the PSU mate? Your both links take to just the case.

    Also, Corsair is one of the best PSU suppliers out there. Needless to say about its CX series. One of the best in class.
  4. Trust me I realize that an AM3 and LGA 1155 are two completely different sockets. I have an Asus AM3 board for the Phenom X3. I am also looking for a mid tower not a full tower (I have no need for all the extra space).

    I have tried to find a 7870xt but pcpartpicker can't find any. I am also wondering whether or not the new monitor would want the extra VRAM from a 3 or 4 gb card. I am torn about the GPU because I would prefer the 780 but the 7970 game bundles are so tempting.
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    Well .. No complaints about the games .. :D

    7970 is a much better choice over 780 considering its price. But if compared b/w GTX 770 and 7970, GTX 770 wins.
    As far as case matters -

    Solid one, I use it myself and its damn solid.

    7870 XT -

    No you don't need more than 2 GB for single monitor. More than 2 GB is mainly for dual or triple monitor configs.
    Also, 7870 XT is scaled down 7950, as you know, for much less price. :)
  6. If it wasn't for the 4 free games, I'd always recommend the 770 over the 7970. But with performance so close(less than 5% difference in most games) the games really tips the balance. And you can find a good 7970 for less money.

    I've looked at that coolermaster case, and it has good options for the price. I just think with the hardware he'll have, you want to show it off a bit, or spend more to get a super quiet enclosure. Regardless, the Cooler Master has ok cable routing options, it's just not done as well as a higher-end case. Which is why it's under 40 dollars. Also, the case I listed is a mid-tower enclosure.

    Corsair makes great Psu's for the price. I often recommend them on these forums for entry level to mid-level builds. The CX line is listed as a tier 3 in the link I provided. I wouldn't get anything less than a tier 2b though, and I haven't for any build I've done in the past 6 years. It was late, the link should have been: .
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