PC case fan spins opposite direction when plugged into mobo or psu?

Hey everyone, I tried plugging my pc case fan , which is located in the back, directly into my psu so I could get the best exhaust going and also give the mobo some more juice for other components instead.

However, it seems as though the fan might be blowing into the case now that its plugged directly into the psu as opposed to blowing out of the case when it was plugged into the mobo. Does this sound crazy or is it plausable?
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  1. It makes sense, the fans I have when plugged into something spin one way, and when something plugs into them it goes the other way. Mine have the ability to connect multiple together so thats why I can. I would say just pick which you want to plug it into, mobo or psu, then flip it the way you want it to blow.
  2. It dc voltage...put power one way on the power pins...fans spin right.
    Reverse the polarity and they spin backwards. If you look online at three or four pin fans pin out you see they way a vendor mb power pin and the molex pin should be wired. I seen wire blunder where the black neutral wire was reversed with the hot wire.
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