Higher CPU load than usual+ other oddities

Alright my computer is doing some strange things. To begin it seems it is working incredibly hard with nothing running, and give it a simple task and its at 37 to 60 percent load with temperatures ranging between 45-60c. Things began to come to my attention when the start menu would minimize when i approached the shutdown button. Immediately before this had happened I had just sat down at the computer after a long day at work and noticed my monitor was off, I thought oh, that's strange for it it turn off completely. When I turned it on I noticed a game and some other applications were open. I have a 3 year old and just assumed it must have been him, but there's a small chance he could have turned off the monitor, BenQ 2420t, if you're familiar, you know it has this precise and unique method of turning it off...

Over the past couple of days and it could be my imagination but it seems to be rebooting on its own (I recall the possibility of a few instances)

As I said the computer would not let me shut it down, I brought up the task manager and it would not view any of the top tabs to view applications, processes, services, etc. Hmm, Odd. I hard to do a hard reset. Until the most previous boot up the monitor would not turn on during start up automatically, I would have to manually. When idle, not running anything I am at 30-40% CPU usage. System idle process is at 75 percent of load.

Corsair Link 2 would not let me change fan speeds and I assumed that may have been a cause for some of the heat, but after a couple of restarts it had let me.

I have also seen things like ghosting of application windows as if it created 100 stills in a 2 inches of movement.

Everyone knows their rig and something isn't right, load times are too slow, my internet is acting up, 2 situations where not only will it not connect, it wont even recognize there are WiFi signals present.

I have run eset nod32 antivirus about 5 times today, it turned up no solution. 7 potential threats, nothing that seemed out of the ordinary, just some game cracks. (I finally had time today to see what the hell is going on) these odd occurrences have reached a peak today but that could only seem so because I've been meddling with it.

Okay I may have mention some irrelevant information but I wanted to document anything and everything that has been happening, because until a few days ago it has been running like a top. Built in February.

AI suite, real temp, and corsair link, all display different readings for temperature. AI suite being the lowest and most stable 32c average, corsair link being the most erratic.

currently clocked at 4.2, the asus default for the board, it usually swings down to 1.8 when not working or unneeded, but wont budge from the 4.2
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  1. I see you said "game cracks", to me it sounds like someone, somewhere, has control over your PC and is using it as he / she sees fit. Definately a virus I think. Download Malwarebytes anti malware, update it, UNHOOK the internet, reboot in safe mode, and run the anti virus that way. If it still doesn't help, nuke it to hell with a re format....that's all I got. Also, stop using pirated stuff...

    Edit: Well, either that, or your house is haunted........dun, dun dun duuuunnnn!!
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