Help needed in identifying graphics card installed in new computer for driver installation

Recently, I built my first computer with a graphics card sent over from my brother. It was wrapped up and shipped over without any documentation whatsoever and that's where my problem arises. I don't know what drivers to install for said card because I have no idea what the card's name is. Furthermore, it's being displayed as a VGA graphics adapter within the OS so I'm at a loss.

More details (pictures included):
-AMD Radeon graphics card
-There's a sticker on the side of the card that reads,
P/N: 1322-00K0000
-Sticker on back of the card that reads,
-Where there should be a barcode designated sticker, there is a space that reads 'place label here' so there was supposed to be some information there that obviously isn't.
-Album (pardon the LoL notes):
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    Looks like a OEM card (out of a dell/HP etc) could be a 7570 but might be wrong, try downloading the drivers for that and see if it works.
  2. Hi

    I would not worry too much about knowing the exact model
    l would go to the AMD website and download the latest auto detect tool

    top right of page shown below


    Mike Barnes
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