Upgrade from i3-2100

I am planning to do an upgrade from the i3-2100.
Budget = 230 - 240$ (12000 INR)
I will be seling the i3 + mobo and add in some cash for the above budget!
Hence a new CPU + Mobo combination is required!

My main requirements are
1. Good performances in video editing, photo editing, video rendering etc. (Adobe photoshop, premier etc.)
2. Good Gaming performance.

I have an ATI 6750 and using a resolution of 1280 x 800.... so have been playing all games pretty well till now. Basicly i want more processing power, without loosing out on gaming performance.

Am looking to buy an FX 8350 and an Asrock N68..
The i5-3450 also looks tempting.
Opinions please!
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  1. grab a 2500k or 3570k
    these i5 processors are really good for just a little extra amount of money
    your motherboard can support 2nd generation processors so it might be tough, but; definitely getting an i5 2500k can be the best budget plan for you
    i also highly recommend you upgrade you gpu since 80% games these days are more gpu intensive !
  2. go for the Haswell 4570
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