i7-3930k @ 4.7Ghz --check my temps

80-85C average temps.
100Mhz x 47 = 4700Mhz

Vcore: 1.456V (+0.135 offset)
PLL: 1.995V
VCCA/VSA/IMC: 1.336V (+0.135 offset)
VTT: 1.345V
LLC: level 3

This is running aida64 on all 12 threads @ 100%
Cosair H100i on stock fans, pull config, ambient = 18C

My goal: 24/7 stable OC w/ speedstep enabled. I played a game (Borderlands 2) and avg temps were about 65C, with 2 threads @ 100% while at 4.7Ghz (seems more of a realistic load)

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  1. 80-85 is high man. you should be aiming for 75C so i suggest you downclock your CPU
  2. The above are "package" temps, not "core" temps. Core temps vary a lot, with Core2-3 cool, Core0-1 warm, and Core4-5 hot, so i don't know how to report those. Here are some temps after downclocking to 4.6Ghz, and downvolting to 1.360V vcore.

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