Dropped my external hard disk

just today i dropped my 500 Gb toshiba external hard disk , yes i was being careless and since then my pc doesnt even detect it . it makes this weird clicking sound when connected and the led jus ligjts up ( usualy it blinks ) . im sure its somehow damamged on the inside but i realy need to recover atleast the pictures and videos on it . what do i do ?

Thankss for the help .
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  1. Could be wrong here, as I'm not an expert, but it sounds like shock damage to me.
    You can try norton ghost or something similar, but I highly doubt that you will be able to retrieve any data from this dive. It has suffered an irreversible failure due to being dropped. Sorry the news wasn't better mate
  2. wouldnt using a data recovery software do any good ?
  3. You could try Norton Ghost or some other piece of software, but if it's clicking, and won't access, it's unlikely to work, or at best, only work partially. In the end, all you can do is try
  4. Locairin makes an excellent point. If the drive is making clicking noises and you can't access the drive then odds are it is dead. You can try recovery programs such as Recuva ( or EaseUS ( The free trial versions of the EaseUS software may only allow you to recover a certain amount of data. At this point, as Locairin mentioned, all you can do is try.
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    The “clicking'” noise is always a warning that the drive will fail soon

    Does this drive still show in Disk Management? You are supposed to copy off all your data on this drive to another safe drive in case of data loss.

    But, if your drive now is inaccessible anyhow, the best resolution for you is to scan your hard drive with a data recovery program, which could deeply scan your drive help restore some needed data back. Go download a dropped drive data recovery freeware over the internet.

    But, if all those are useless, the best solution in your case is to consult a data recovery expert because dropping might have made your drive physically damaged and physical damage strictly needs to be handled by data recovery experts, if the inner data is desperately needed.

    Next time, learn to back your important data n different drives.
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