Is this the monitor for the price I can get?

Hi, I have a 21.5" Samsung 1080p HDTV at the moment, which has a low Hz and probably refresh rate too. It is also a bit small and was cheap so doesn't look as good as it could.

I have recently built a gaming PC and I want a really nice bigger monitor for it, I have found one which I was going to buy until the price rose by £30 which was a bit annoying, and now I am slightly not sure about it.

It has great specs for a monitor (Matte, 1080, 1 ms, 120hz, 3D ready ect) and is made by benq who are good I think.
It is this one:

It is at a hefty £250 but it looks great.

Now for the questions, can I get a better monitor for the same/lower price with better specs?

And will the resolution look bad on 24"? 1080x1920 is the res. I am about 35 inches/90 cm away from it, sometimes closer.

Thanks you for reading and hopefully answering.

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  1. Also, would dual monitors look decent? :P Answer first questions first please though :)
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    Ehh .. Refresh Rate = Hz

    Hz = Frequency. It is total number of waves passed through a certain distance in 1 second. In computers, frequency is the total number of times your screen refreshes in 1 second.

    I hope you got the idea.

    Now lets come to the question -

    That is a much better deal mate.
    These days 24 Inch monitors with 1080p resolutions have around $250 price with 60 Hz refresh rate.

    Yours is a good choice, go for it.

    But keep in mind, it has 120 Hz Refresh rate so you are going to need a good GPU to be able to play games at respectable frame rates.
    It would be a more GPU hog than a usual 60 Hz screen but you would get unmatched smoothness in your system. :)
  3. Alright, I get it now

    I haven a Radeon 7970 (3GB VRAM) so I think I can run 120hz without problems :P

    Thanks for the help, I ordered it :D
  4. Hell yeah .. That card is a beast .. You won't have any problems. :)

    If you are satisfied you might want to pick as solution. It would help others too deal with similar problem this way.
  5. Yeah :)

    Yeah I picked you as the solution, thanks again.
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