EVGA GTX 770 2gb superclocked? can someone answer my questions?

Hi im new to the whole graphics card thing and i am going to buy the GTX 770 2gb superclocked for my new pc. I am picking the superclocked over the normal one because it is $100 cheaper.

1. Will the graphics card only go into super clock mode when i am running high demanding games or will it be in super clock mode the whole time?
2. Will it last as long as the normal GTX 770 considering the whole super overclocking thing?
3. Is there a way to turn off the superclock?
4. No more overclocking will be needed if i have the superclock is that right?
5. is there any bad about superclocked graphics cards?
thanks :)
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  1. 1. your card will always be superclocked mode. meaning it will always be overclocked than the referance one.
    2. yes it will last as it has an improved fan design.
    3. no there is't as i isn't actually a mode just a flashy name.
    4.yes actually stock one is enough. but if you want more then you can overclock more by using presicion X software.
    5. i dont know actually. you may want to look in reviews at newegg. but EVGA cards are good as far as i know
  2. the card will boost up and down. superclocked just means it has a higher stock clock than the standard card.
    the gpu is picked because it can handle a higher than stock speed, theres usually still headroom to overclock so the chip isn't at its limit yet so it shouldn't have a shorter life. and anyway high voltage kills chips not high clocks.
    the same way you overclock you would underclock (a program like evga precision x or msi afterburner) but then there would be no reason to get the superclocked if you were going to do that
  3. Ja lubie cycki pierdolic w rurznych pozycjach, zalerzy od preferencii takrze. No ale w kurwniku nie me wolnych. Tam trzeba troche popierdolic nie warze czy sie chce czy nie.
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