Looking for Laptop HDD to replace dying drive. Seagate Momentus XT vs. new Seagate Momentus SSHD vs. WD Scorpio Blue


My current laptop HDD is dying, so I need to find a new drive. Looking around the internet, there seem to be 3 likely candidates for a new hard drive:

1. The discontinued Seagate Momentus XT;

2. The new Seagate Momentus SSHD;


3. A WD Scorpio Blue.

I'd be interested in community feedback on these options, and (in particular) whether the new Seagate SSHD (at only 5400 RPM) is a 'step down' from the 7200 RPM Momentus XT?

In terms of use: I don't do video editing, but I do have some moderate gaming 'needs': STO, Civ V, DA: O, would like to be able to run ME:3 (I know, I know...). Not sure if I'd actually notice a difference between any of the above, but thought I'd ask for more informed folks' opinions.

My other concern, besides performance, is power-consumption. I found my mostly-dead Toshiba drive, 7200 RPM 640gb MK6461GSYN, had a good level of power consumption. I'd hope for something comparable with a new drive.

(I only have space for 1 drive, so SSD+HDD is not an option)

Thanks in advance for your time and feedback!
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    Western Digital Scorpio Blue 500 GB would be the one I would pick out of three.

    Although it is a 5400 RPM Drive it matches 7200 RPM Momentus XT in terms of read / write rates. It scores an average 90 MB/s data r/w rate.
    Also its power consumption is lower than all three of them and is also reasonably priced.
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