Sapphire 7870 hd black screen after installing catalyst driver.

I've bought a new pc with the following specs:
Sapphire Radeon HD7870 2048MB DDR5/256bit DVI/HDMI PCI-E
Intel Core i5-3350P 3,10 GHz
ASRock B75 Pro3-M
Crucial 2x4GB Ballistix sport 1333MHz DDR3 CL9 NON-ECC DIMM 1.5V
Seagate 1TB, SATAIII, 7200RPM, 64MB cache
Thermaltake Smart SE Modular 530W

I've installed windows 7 on it with no problems. It has detected my card as a standart vga cart. I've downloaded and installed latest cataclyst drivers and after rebooting the pc after the windows logo the screen went black.

When i removed the driver in safe mode the system in device manager recognised the card correctly as hd 7870.

Ive tried the following measures with no result:
-using both dvi and hdmi ports
-reinstalling windows 7
-installing different versions of catalyst drivers (both different old ones and new beta ones)
-installing the driver using device manager function and targetting the amd folder
-installing windows 8- in which case the black screen appeared during its installation during "getting devices ready" screen
-flashing my bios to the newest version

After inserting and installing my old gpu : msi geforce 460 gtx everything works fine.

So here comes my question:
Is it a hardware problem with my 7870 and should i return it to the seller or should i troubleshoot some more?
Thanks in advance!

PS:English is not my native language so I hope everything is understandable.
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    Yeah that is 90% a hardware issue as if your previous card is recognizable, this one should too. Means PCIE is selected in bios.

    You should return it to retailer and get an exchange.
  2. Hello there, this is my first post in Tom's Hardware, which has often helped me.
    I have the same problems since when I bought it (March 2013), and out of desperation, reverted back to Win XP.

    German forums were FULL of this very same problem (I think this card sold a lot in Germany). Many suggested that it is a hardware problem / defect card: all the posts, however, were from March 2013.

    However, after lurking these forums, it seems that it is positively a BIOS flash / update problem. The guy in this forum posted instructions (message #112):

    Unfortunately, I never had time to do it, and stuck to Win XP. Above all, I am very lazy.
    Note that several months after, people states they have flashed the BIOS and now it works.

    I hope this helps, and I add a question on my own: anyone has a SIMPLE, bullet-list style answer to help me flashing the BIOS? what file/program do I need? That post says to tinker with USB flashcards, etc...

    NOTE: I've seen your answer luckiest charm, and I reckon it. But somewhere I have seen that there was an ad-hoc BIOS update just tailor-made to that specific card. Just my 2 cents.

    EDIT / Update: I am going to try THIS

    Cheers again
    Many thanks!
  3. By the way: it worked. I flashed the BIOS following the instructions of Computerbase and now I am finally playing with my Radeon under Win 7.
    Kind regards,
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