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I have an AOC 23.6" monitor which is supposed to display 1920x1080, however a computer which has Windows XP and a nVidia 6700XL won't allow it to show full screen, if it's set as 1920x1080.

It's connected to the GPU with VGA.

It works with 16:10 ratios like 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 and fills the screen up but obviously everything looks massive when set at those resolutions.

Can anyone help me out here?
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  1. When it shows things in windowed mode in 1080p resolution, press Alt + Enter.

    In most cases this solves the issue.
  2. What do you mean windowed mode?

    Edit: The problem is there is a black border on the right at 1920x1080, forgot to mention that. It goes if I change it to 16:10 resolutions
  3. Oh I see!

    That is normal and there is no problem with anything.
    The thing is that, your monitor has aspect ratio of 16:10 and since you run the game in 16:9 a slight margin gets left out which goes black.
    You should play all games in 16 : 10 aspect ratio. That is the right one for your monitor and it is what your monitor supports. No hardware or software problem here. :)
  4. But if it's advertised as 1920x1080 that's implying it's 16:9, but when I set it at that it has the black bar on the right.

    http://amzn.to/13NBHWo <-- this is the monitor.

    I've read elsewhere that VGA might not support 1080p but others say it does, some say to use a digital cable like DVI, others give all sorts of things to do with the nVidia control centre.

    Is there anything possibly in the BIOS which might affect it?
  5. So do you think it's not a problem at all or is there something wrong
  6. Actually 24 inch monitors have a class of their own. They support both 16:9 and 16:10, it depends on your game and other stuff which one your does at that time.

    If your monitor supports 16:10 when you play games at 1080p, there is nothing you can do as nothing is wrong.
    Just set the resolution to where no black stuff is shown (16:10) and it would be appropriate.

    Also, VGA is pretty old, it was used on systems having about 1024 x 768 resolution, these days, DVI or higher is used to render full HD resolutions. Even DVI is not able to play HDCP stuff. For that you need HDMI or DisplayPort.

    See if your monitor has HDMI slot (and check for same in your CPU). If yes, connect both of them through that and it should make stuff much better than VGA. I am not sure, but it should solve black borders too.
  7. Thanks for that, though I'm still a little confused.

    Just to let you know it's not being used for gaming as it's an old computer, more just for surfing the web.

    What does 1920x1080 mean then if 24" monitors display 16:10?

    And it only has a DVI port, so is my best bet a DVI to DVI or DVI to HDMI?
  8. A DVI cable is enough then.

    Resolution should be 1920 x 1200.
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