Intel Core i5 3570 vs AMD FX 4100 for MMO's and Multitasking

I am looking to do, more or less, a budget build that will last me 3 years at least. I mainly play MMO's, low graphical quality "Indie" games, and the rare AAA game. I usually have many programs open that I am not using at the moment, as well as multiple Youtube video tabs that I have in my mind that I will get back to later. I am hoping to find a processor that will handle, lets say, WoW, or Rift, during peak hours, in a highly populated area, as well as a 12 tab Firefox or Chrome browser open, Steam, Skype, Origin, Spotify, and more, while not melting the processor. This my first time ever posing a question to the Tom's Hardware community, so I apologize if I have made any faux pas in this post.
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  1. You're comparing a $90 processor to a $200 one? Haha well anyways I would suggest going with a 6300 as it will give a good balance between cost and performance. What's your budget for entire pc? I might be able to give you a good build. For what you are wanting an APU may be a good budget option
  2. I would suggest the 3570, since I hardly advise anyone to get AMD CPUs unless it's the 8320/8350.
  3. "You're comparing a $90 processor to a $200 one?" Yup. As I looked it up on, it said that these 2 where comparable due to the FX 4100s larger l2 & l3 cache for what I needed it for. I may be completely wrong on this, as I have a great passion for PC hardware, but very limited knowledge. As for the build. I have some parts already, an EVGA GTS 450 graphics card, 2x4 (Heck if I know the brand) RAM, a DVD reader/writer, and a 1TB hard drive, all of which I am very capable of swapping out myself at a later date. As for the processor, motherboard, and case, those are pretty much set in stone in my eyes for the length of my use of the machine. I have about $100 max to spend at any one time, but can easily save up to a max of $450.
  4. As I reread your post I realize that you where referring to the massive price difference, and not what I thought which was a price-to-performance issue. The only reason that I am considering the 3570 is because it would last a bit longer, as well as out perform the 4100 in games outright. If the 4100 will outdo the 3570 in multitasking, then I will lean more toward that one due to the price. I am also open to another processor between the two in price that is better at multitasking.
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    The 4100 will out due the 3570 in nothing. Ever. They don't even compare on any level in performance. 4100 is worse than the i3.for what you are doing my suggestion is the i3 or 6300. From the sound of it you don't need i5 performance. Clock speed don't mean anything nowadays. And CPU boss from what I remember doesn't do benchmarks or anything kinda like HWcompare. Aka they don't do anything or mean anything
  6. thdarkshadow said:
    For what you are doing my suggestion is the i3 or 6300.

    Alright then, I think that I will go for an AMD FX series, no lower than the 6300. That said would you be able to suggest a motherboard, and case? The motherboard would need to have 4 channels for RAM(and hopefully usb 3.0), I have no other specifications other than that. As for the case, I am in need of one that has fantastic airflow, a plexiglass window on the side, and a dust filter for the fans. 2 out of 3 will due in this case. *Puns*
  7. I'm pretty in love with my cooler Master enforcer. Good looking functional and roomy. I think it has filters but if not just get thin pieces of foam.
    For motherboard idk a lot about amd ones but maybe this? It is customer choice and I have what looks close to the Intel equivalent and it works flawlessly.
  8. That all looks fantastic, thank you very much for your assistance. If you have any other tips, or words of wisdom I will be very appreciative for them. Otherwise, I think that I will choose the best answer as yours. Have a good one! :)
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