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Bought a new Lenovo 17.3 laptop which has Windows 8 on it. I tried to install the recovery discs from my other 17.3 Lenovo which has Windows 7 on it but the new computer would not recognize the discs. I would like to downgrade the new one to Windows 7 as I have two others with Windows 7 on them.

It's wierd as my homegroup will let me pull data from the 8 computer to the 7's but can't pull data from the 7's to the 8. Went to do a backup (save history) the jump with my original backup was lost and it will not let me backup onto a new jump without the old one, and so on so if I can get back to 7 then all will be compatible besides who needs all those apps etc.
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  1. Guess I should be more specific I have two identical laptops a LENOVO G770 with windows 7 and a LENOVO G780 with windows 8 but the two won't sync. eg: on my home network |I can draw info from the 780 on my 770 but cannot bring it from my 770 to my 780. So as I have recovery discs for my 770 thought I would put them in the 780 and get Windows 7. I put them in and nothing happened and am wondering what I am doing wrong.
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