Overclock i5 3570k with B75 Mobo

Why everyone suggest Z77 motherboard for overclocking?
I read on wikipedia that B75 mobo also support overclocking. So why everyone on tom's h/w suggest high cost mobo while u can do same thing with low budget mobo?
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  1. all intel sandy and ivy bridge motherboard can adjust the BCLK which can be considered overclocking but the most you can safely get from it is a 3% increase. taking it higher increases a chance of damaging your gpu or corrupting data on the hard drive.
    only the P67, Z68, Z77 and Z75 can you adjust the multiplier of the cpu. now that is overclocking.
  2. The b75 by MSI and ASUS do have overclocking tools but offer less options in the way of voltage adjustments and adjusting multiplier
  3. what about Gigabyte B75m D3h and B75m D2V?
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