windows 7 does not find ssd for installation PLEASE HELP

ive tried to install windows 7 ult 64x onto my ocz octane 128gb sata 2.0 ssd but when i try to, no drives appear on the screen,

i have changed to ports and changed from ide to ahci but no avail, also if i plug in my other hard drives,

windows recognises them in the installation window but i dont want to install windows on them and only plugged them in to see if my ports were working.

i have previous installed windows onto it and put it into a laptop but i have since sold the laptop and now i want to use it in my pc.

as you can see this is an inconvenience.

using m4a88t-v motherboard

thanks in advance.
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  1. Try uninstalling the other drives and with the ssd in the first sata port (usually sata0), try loading windows. Then after loading all the board drivers, install the other hdds.
  2. still nothing :(
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