How big od a ssd is needed?

How big would the ssd need to be to say install windows and the applications or games i will be playing the most on? Im gonna have a 1 tb hardrive in the computer as well but i heard its good to have a ssd to realy increase boot up times on most used games and windows
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    For windows alone, 64g is fine, but 128g would be better. As far as games go, I would install those to the hdd as speed of launch is not critical. If you really want to put them on the ssd, you might want to consider 256gb.

    IMO, 128gb is a good spot, you can put your os, some "must have" programs on the ssd, and the rest on the hdd.

  2. 128 gb Samsung Pro for your OS and most used applications and a few games.
    256 would be ideal if you can afford it.
  3. Thanks guys ill look at a 128 hardrive one. This is my first pc build ever what would yall clarify as "important" programs whats good to put on the ssd beside the OS
  4. OS , Antivirus , OFFICE Apps , CAD etc.
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